Did you Know..... Keeping your Hardwood Floor Dirt Free will Extend its Lifetime? | Tamalpais Hardwood Floors

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The worst enemy for a hardwood floor is dirt. Most dirt comes in from the outside but is also accumulated from our pets, dead skin cells, food particles, oils from cooking etc. We then scatter the dirt around with our shoes and socks and little scratches will soon be seen. Heavy traffic, pets, little children and their toys, or failing to protect the floor by not using furniture pads under heavy couches, cupboards, beds or sliding furnitures, will cause scratching much faster. This is why we highly recommend placing a mat outside of each entrance, removing shoes, using entry rugs and vacuuming the hardwood floors frequently, especially the entry areas.

Vacuuming is the best method for removing dirt, hence some sweeping tools will leave behind dirt. Also, lift up and vacuum under area rugs frequently, since dirt gets caught underneath. For wet cleaning, never use excessive water because moisture can be harmful to your hardwood floors. Instead, use a spray bottle to mist cleaning product on to floor, mopping with a clean pad. Wet spills like liquid or food is best to blot up immediately with a paper towel or clean cloth. By doing so, you will prevent from seeping into scratches and cracks.

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