Flooring Stores with Reclaimed Oak Wall | Tamalpais Hardwood Floors

One of  the ways to add warm rich texture to a space is to bring in wood accents. Flooring stores can give you hundreds idea how make your space unique. This time we finished this stunning hardwood floor installation but instead of being installed on the floor it was installed on this office wall.


Wood wall paneling is an alternative to painted drywall treatments for residential walls. The type of reclaimed wood you choose in flooring stores will determine how rustic your room feels. Also a big part depends on its richness, distressed finish and overall appeal. 


The reclaimed wood accent wall in modern design is all about adding textural contrast without actually going overboard with color. It wins points for sustainability. In addition, it adds plenty of personality to your homes with its nail holes, bolt holes, and other fastener marks. You can find its samples in flooring stores.


This is a reclaimed oak with a zero VOC finish on it. The reclaimed oak gives the space a beautiful to it and blends into the view of nature outside.  It does not disturb the existing color palette of the room. Reclaimed wood wall is the perfect way to strike a balance between the refined and the rustic.


Come in and check out our reclaimed oak at our store, we have many different looks that will suit your project.

floring stores
Installation of reclaimed oak on office wall. You can find more samples in our store.
floring stores
Reclaimed oak office wall. Wood flooring is reclaimed from old barns, buildings, rural structures and sustainable sources of reclaimed timber.



floring stores
Reclaimed oak close view. Nail holes and bolt holes play a big part in its unique appeal.