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choosing a color

Picking the right color for your hardwood floor in the past was fairly simple as colors were limited. As of today, the options are endless as trend are constantly changing. Making the right color choice can seem overwhelming, however, here are some suggestions to help you.



Start by imagining the big picture. Take a look at the room in a whole, considering ceiling height and size of the room, color and texture of walls and furniture, and also the style of the home.

woodline alpine

This kitchen/ living area has high ceilings, modern furniture and the space is large and roomy. It is nicely complemented by this rustic, European Oak, wide-plank floor with beautiful big knots.


Consider a light-colored floor and walls to avoid making a smaller room with low ceilings appear too dark and dense.

Kahrs_Harmony _Collection _Pale

The light-colored hardwood floor and walls makes the room look bigger and takes advantage of the light that shines in.


Choose a floor colors that creates a contrast with your walls and décor.

The darker hardwood floor perfectly contrasts and complements with the office’s light walls and built-in shelves.



Remember to also take into account your personal style. This will make you feel at home. A darker and black floor can look modern and luxurious, while a natural floor looks more classic.

Woodline_Marrakech  bassano_jeans


Always bring home wood samples to view them in your own light and see how they look alongside your walls and furniture.

Photos are great to give you an idea of what a room could look like but every room is different in size, height, lightness and style.


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