January 2019 | Tamalpais Hardwood Floors

Did you Know….. Keeping your Wood Flooring Dirt Free will Extend its Lifetime?

Wood flooring are always in style, now seemingly more so than ever. You have to know what impact wood flooring to to keep it looking warm and welcoming. Here you can find¬† some ways to prevent damage.   What do impact wood flooring? Heavy traffic, pets, little children and their toys, or failing to protect

Exotic Hardwood Floors

Exotic hardwood floors are known for their extreme hardness and unique beauty. These floors handle high traffic with ease and can last for generations. Exotic hardwood floors stand up to moisture and humidity. Do keep in mind when considering buying an exotic hardwood floor, that installing them over radiant heat may become an issue, since


New! Chevron is Back!!!

First popularized in 16th century France, chevron style parquet floors have been a timeless tribute to the elegance so characteristic of the period. What once commanded a sense of sophistication continues to do so in today”s flooring trends. The Timbertop Chevron series boasts four lavish, genuine European oak colors constructed with a strong Havea inner