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Historic buildings by nature are fragile and delicate, purely due to their age. They can take on many different shapes and sizes, dependant on the era of their construction and can be all over the world. One of the most important things for historic buildings is to maintain them and restore them when damaged. Unlike other building restoration, historic building restoration is more complicated. The original structure must be maintained and the repairs must also be in keeping with the rest of the building. Historical restoration projects are very special opportunities to revive and bring back the glory of a fragile or old structure. Here at Tamalpais Hardwood Floors we understand the importance behind preserving these heritage structures for years to come. We provide historical wood floor restoration to make old floors look like new. Click here to see all our services.


Historical Building Importance

Historical building restoration not only preserves high-value buildings for the future, but it also preserves our country’s past. They are the visual representation of our history. Saving heritage buildings from demolition is also important to the growth of the economy in the local area in the long term. Not only do historical building restoration projects bring in a whole host of builders, decorators, tradesmen, craftsmen, contractors. But they will boost the local economy through the tourism and leisure industries once the renovations are complete. Restoring larger historical buildings can be an extremely effective way of boosting the local economy.

It is vital that historical building restoration projects have a sustainable, long-lasting manner. This will ensure that the restoration is easily manageable and will be much easier to maintain in years to come. The key to historical building restoration is to protect the property for the long term.


Historical Building Woodwork

When looking at restoring a building’s internal woodwork, it is incredibly important to take a step back. You have to identify the key historical wood features, such as brackets, window arches, doorway decorations, and sidings. Take care to look at how things have been crafted together with the colors and finishes. Any work you do should keep the original look possible. Any changes you do you should document to help architectural historians identify the original features.

Wood is the most common material for floors in historic houses and commercial buildings. Long-lasting woods such as oak, maple and fir were used for floors because they are durable and attractive. An original wood floor is a significant character-defining feature in a historic structure. If your house or building has a wood floor, you have several options for historic wood floor restoration and preservation.


Wood Floor Restoration

The original wood floors in your historic house or building may be covered with carpeting, linoleum or other materials. If your wood floors are concealed, you may want to restore them to return a historic feature to your building. You can expose a small section of your floor to evaluate the existence of wood flooring and assess its condition. Hardwood floors are superior to most flooring materials available today and can add value back to your building.

Wood floor restoration may be relatively simple or require professional assistance. You should do the minimal amount of work necessary to restore the appearance and luster of your floors. Your floors may only require cleaning with an appropriate detergent cleanser, surface buffing and the application of a wood sealer. If your wood floor has missing sections, you can patch these sections with new wood that matches the original wood as closely as possible.


Tips for Preserving Wood Flooring


Rugs seem like a great way to protect your wood flooring until you consider the damage they can inadvertently cause. Often, homeowners will use double-sided tape or other adhesive materials to keep rugs from sliding. This can actually damage your historic home flooring. Only use rugs made of natural materials that don’t have a sticky underside.

Furniture Pads

Furniture such as sofas and chairs will slide and scrape away the finish if they’re not on a rug or furniture pads. Any furniture that’s frequently sat on or used can cause wear and tear when moved.


Water can seep into the seams of wood flooring and build up underneath the material. It can cause faster decay or a shift in the materials. Avoid using too much water and pouring the water directly onto your hardwood floors. Make sure any cleaner you use is appropriate for the type of wood and finish contained in your flooring.


You must handle historic wood flooring gently, whether you’re refinishing it or making wood floor restoration. Use sanding only when there are hard stains to remove or if you can’t strip them with chemicals. If you need to remove paint, do it gently by hand using a scraper.

Replacing boards

Some parts of your wood flooring might be too damaged to restore and you need to replace them. This can be a difficult process and you must do it carefully, so better consult us for the best results.


Historic Restoration of Fort Mason Officer’s Club

This time we’ve got historic wood floor restoration of Fort Mason Officer’s Club in San Francisco, CA. Historic wood floor restoration involves a great deal of research. The flooring should be restored to the period of significance.  Fort Mason Officer’s Club wood floor restoration project started with a thorough consultation to understand the historic significance of the wood, design, and use of floors. We discovered a state of wear of each piece of flooring. After that, we restored wood floor borders what had developed gaps between them over the years. In addition, we restored inlays and get rid of scratches and scuffs. In conclusion, we achieved a new shine of old hardwood floor. We can help you preserve history by restoring these distinguished structures back to their original grandeur and bringing the brand new look.

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Wood Floor Restoration in San Francisco