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In recent years Rift & Quartered flooring in White Oak and Red Oak has become quite popular across North America. Some like the calm straight grained look of the rift boards, while others prefer the active, interesting look of quartered.

Rift and quartered sawn is far less common than plain sawn, especially in hardwood flooring.  It is not unusual to see quarter sawn used for antique furniture because of its stability and unique grain patterns.  The purpose of sawing quarter sawn lumber is to create a board that has a grain pattern that runs vertically.

This is achieved by sawing the log into four pieces down the center and flipping the remaining pieces back and forth to cut the boards so the growth rings run perpendicular to the width of the board.  This is the most dimensionally stable method of sawing lumber.  The shrinkage and expansion is not across the width of the board but rather in the height, which across a ¾” piece of flooring is very minimal.  The grain is extremely unique.  It is wavy and tight and not open and busy like a plain sawn piece.

Rift and Quartered

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