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Rift & Quartered Hardwood Floors

In recent years Rift & Quartered flooring in White Oak and Red Oak has become quite popular across North America. Some like the calm straight grained look of the rift boards, while others prefer the active, interesting look of quartered. Rift and quartered sawn is far less common than plain sawn, especially in hardwood flooring. 

Cascade Luxury Vinyl – Aqua Blue II WPC

This luxury vinyl is designed to last. With the strength of construction, you can worry less about scratches and water stains. Both scratch-resistant and waterproof, these durable planks make this floor a great option for households with pets and children. These floors can be installed in any room – kitchens, bathrooms, and basements alike. With


What Is Fumed Oak Flooring?

Today we are seeking out the most natural-looking finish possible, creating a floor that shows more of the natural variation. Fumed, or smoked oak is wood flooring which has been treated to change its color. To obtain such floors we use the technique of fuming/smoking which creates color from within the wood by causing reaction in

Hardwood Floors with Character

If you are looking for a pre-finished hardwood floor with a unique look, search no further. The Olde Charleston Collection from UA Floors features absolutely stunning hardwood floors with lots of character. This rough textured look harmonizes beautifully with any décor from rustic to modern, making a decision very easy. Our True Reclaimed Heart Pine have

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Wood Flooring: How to Maintain

Wood flooring are always in style, now seemingly more so than ever. Taking proper care of hardwood floors is essential if you want them to last a long time. You have to know what impact wood flooring to keep it looking warm and welcoming. Here you can find some ways to prevent damage.   What

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Exotic Hardwood Floors

Exotic hardwood floors are sourced from regions outside of North America and are known for their extreme hardness and unique beauty. These floors handle high traffic with ease and can last for generations. Whether you have a dog or wild children on roller skates, this floor is durable and can handle it all. Usually exotic


New! Chevron Parquet Flooring is Back!!!

First popularized in the 16th century France, chevron parquet floors have been a timeless tribute to the elegance of the period. What once commanded a sense of sophistication continues to do so in today’s flooring trends. The Timbertop Chevron series boasts four lavish, genuine European oak colors constructed with a strong inner core and a

Hardwood Floor Colors: how to Choose

Picking the right color for your hardwood floor in the past was fairly simple as colors were limited. If you’ve already decided that a solid hardwood or engineered hardwood floor is the right kind of floor for your home, then you know that the options are endless from European Oak to Hickory. All these different

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Wall Panels – Obsessions Collection

Wall Passions – Obsessions Collection Wood-free peel and stick panels make adding a wood accent wall to your space painless. Each panel is sourced and textured from real wood scans, therefore makes it virtually indistinguishable from real wood. Enjoy the beauty and warmth of wood without having to ever worry about splinters, warping, or difficult cleanup.

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Matching Existing Flooring San Francisco

Nothing captures a viewer’s eye quite like the rich luster of hardwood flooring. If you want to capture the beautiful look of hardwood floors throughout your home, then that decision can dramatically increase the value of your home. Hardwood flooring is a significant investment for a homeowner. Whether you’ve just recently moved into your new

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