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Choosing a Color

Picking the right color for your hardwood floor in the past was fairly simple as colors were limited. As of today, the options are endless as trend are constantly changing. Making the right color choice can seem overwhelming, however, here are some suggestions to help you.   IMAGINE THE BIGGER PICTURE Start by imagining the big

choosing a color

Did you Know….. Keeping your Hardwood Floor Dirt Free will Extend its Lifetime?

The worst enemy for a hardwood floor is dirt. Most dirt comes in from the outside but is also accumulated from our pets, dead skin cells, food particles, oils from cooking etc. We then scatter the dirt around with our shoes and socks and little scratches will soon be seen. Heavy traffic, pets, little children

Tamalpais Hardwood Floors Provides Fast Turnaround for Time Critical Projects!

For a variety of reasons, flooring installs or refinishes often need to be completed within days…or less. At Tamalpais Hardwood Floors, we strive to meet your deadlines without compromising quality. In the case of Terzo Restaurant, for example, an upscale European-style tapas restaurant designed by acclaimed architect Cass Calder Smith, the owners needed to completely

Cork Flooring ~ Beauty, Versatility, Practicality

We are pleased to introduce the Cork Deco ~ Narrow Plank Collection…. & it’s Green Guard Certified!      A truly renewable sourced flooring that is certified safe for schools & hospitals! Cork flooring offers a unique & exquisite beauty in addition to so many advantages & benefits that it’s truly amazing we don’t see more of

Radiant-Floor Heating & Hardwood Floors

Radiant heating has a number of advantages. For one, it is more efficient than baseboard heating and usually more efficient than forced-air heating because no energy is lost through ducts. The lack of moving air can also be advantageous to people with severe allergies. Hydronic (liquid-based) systems use little electricity, a benefit for homes off

Types of Wood Cuts for Hardwood Flooring

The angle at which a board of solid hardwood is cut, or how the veneer for engineered flooring is cut, effects how the finished product looks, performs, and how much it costs.  Knowing your options will help you to make the most informed decision for your home. Solid Hardwood Flooring Solid wood flooring is either

Hardwood Flooring and Indoor Air Quality

The building industry has undergone significant changes in recent years in reaction to concerns about the environment and health. California is the nation’s pioneer in introducing and enforcing stricter protective laws for building materials and codes, one of which is the Airborne Toxics Control Measure (ATCM). This measure provides standard formaldehyde emissions ratings for all

Engineered vs. Solid Hardwood Flooring: Facts & Misconceptions

Engineered vs. Solid Hardwood Flooring: Facts & Misconceptions

Many consumers are under the impression that solid hardwood flooring is superior to engineered hardwood flooring and may even refuse to consider engineered flooring for their home. Having spent 25 years as a flooring contractor and the past 4 years as a retailer of both engineered and solid hardwood flooring, I have found that there are a lot of misconceptions about both types of floors. I would like to share the following information and my experience so that you can make an educated decision about the best floor for your project.

Recoating Hardwood Floors

It’s a fact, your hardwood floor is going to become scratched and dull through general wear and tear over time. It’s best to recoat your floor while it still looks good, prolonging the life of your floor and reducing the number of times it has to be refinished. Recoating will revitalize the shine and get

Hardwood floors Over Radiant Heating

Combine economical heating with the beauty of hardwood flooring simply by installing hardwood floors over radiant heating. As a long-term economical investment, installing hardwood floors over radiant heating will enhance the value and aesthetics of your home and provide a warm, cozy and comfortable environment during cold winter months. Radiant heating is also a good