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Wall Panels – Obsessions Collection

Wall Passions – Obsessions Collection  Wood-free peel and stick panels make adding a wood accent wall to your space painless. Each panel is sourced and textured from real wood scans which makes it virtually indistinguishable from real wood. Enjoy the beauty and warmth of wood without having to ever worry about splinters, warping, or difficult

wall panel

Flooring Stores with Reclaimed Oak Wall

One of  the ways to add warm rich texture to a space is to bring in wood accents. Flooring stores can give you hundreds idea how make your space unique. This time we finished this stunning hardwood floor installation but instead of being installed on the floor it was installed on this office wall.  

New at Tamfloors – Hallmark Organic

Organic Hardwood Collection for Floors, Walls, and Ceilings Historic wood floors of timeless beauty. Welcome to our journey down a road to a simpler, more holistic approach to wood flooring. A blending of natural, vintage materials into contemporary living environments complements the latest design trends. Fusing modern production techniques with those of antiquity, Hallmark replicates