Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Our floors can be ordered via email, phone or fax. We accept checks and orders over the phone
with the following credit cards:

– Visa
– Mastercard
– Discovery

100% payment for flooring, tax, and delivery is required prior to delivery. We require a signed receipt for credit card payments prior to delivery. By placing an order with Tamalpais Hardwood Floors, you signify your agreement to the terms and conditions outlined on this page.

Order Pick-up & Shipping

1) Pick-up

Orders can be picked up at our San Rafael showroom during business hours at:

1133 East Francisco Blvd. Suite A, San Rafael, CA 94901

In this case we will call to inform you when your floor is ready for pick-up.

2) If Tamalpais Hardwood Floors is supplying and installing your floor, we will deliver your floor.

3) Delivery to your home is also an option and if your floor is in stock we can usually schedule this within a week. If your location is outside of our delivery area, we can ship to you via a common carrier, which may take a week or more for transit. Your order will be shipped via Òcurbside deliveryÓ. This means that you will be responsible for meeting or having a representative meet the delivery and for carrying the flooring into your home. We will provide an estimated delivery date, however, delivery times are dependent upon stock availability and delivery schedules of third parties, and we cannot guarantee this date. We recommend scheduling installation after your floor has arrived at your jobsite.

IMPORTANT!! Upon receipt of your order:

1) Confirm good condition of packaging

Please carefully inspect the boxes and note any observable damage to the packaging and/or wood on the delivery receipt. Please also note any items that have not been received. We cannot be held responsible for undocumented freight damage or shortage after the shipment is signed for. Notify us immediately at 866-987-8686. Keep a copy of all the paperwork provided by the carrier. When you contact us, we will request that you provide us with this information. If this documentation is readily available, we can get a head start on processing your claim.

Damage can happen during shipment. Most of the time it will be one box or carton on the bottom of the pallet. If the damage affects six to seven inches on a few pieces it should not be a concern. There are always cuts to be made. Tears, broken bands, scuffed, or rippled packaging is not considered damage. Freight damage is exclusive to actual damage of the hardwood flooring itself. Damage to one or two boxes is not considered a total loss. Often only a few pieces are affected as up to as many as 30 pieces can be contained in one box of hardwood flooring depending on the product purchased.

For damaged boxes, open them when you have them in your home to assess how much has been affected. DO NOT DISCARD any of the damaged material or packaging. Once reported, the damaged material is the property of the carrier, by law, and they have 120 days to decide if they wish to inspect, pick up or advise to discard the damaged material. Please photograph any damage and send to us at info@tamfloors.com so that we may assist you with getting replacement material.

2) Confirm good condition of material

We do not accept returns for any reason after 30 days, so please inspect your hardwood flooring or other products in a timely manner and inform us of any manufacturing defects immediately so we may assist you with a return (see below).

3) Store material properly and acclimate wood to area in which it will be installed

Wood should not be delivered if jobsite moisture conditions are excessive. Wood flooring should not be delivered to the jobsite until plastering and painting are completed and dried. Also, wood flooring should not be stored in a garage.

The jobsite should be fully enclosed, with doors and windows in place, and interior climate controls should be operating for at least 48 hours prior to delivery of wood to stabilize the moisture conditions of the interior. If the heating or air conditioning is not operating from the time the floor is installed until the house occupied, the humidity may be higher than it would be if the house were occupied. Once at the jobsite, the wood should be set indoors and spread over the sub floor. About four days should pass before an installation is started. Moisture contents of both the flooring and the sub floor must be checked and recorded before any work begins and is the responsibility of your installer. Only after getting satisfactory moisture measurements from the concrete slab and the sub floor, and only after wood has acclimatized to the jobsite should wood flooring be installed.

Warranty Policies

Material warranties are solely those of the manufacturers of the materials specified.

Customer agrees to look solely to those manufacturers for all warranty claims. Customer agrees that Tamalpais Hardwood Floors shall NOT be responsible for any consequential damage arising as a result of the failure or misuse of any product.

Manufacturer's warranties DO NOT cover:

¥ Damage to the flooring caused by abnormal environmental issues such as higher or lower than normal moisture conditions causing bulking, cupping or contraction within the wood

¥ Improper installation or indentation damage, scratching or any damage caused by items being dropped, rolled or dragged on the flooring

¥ Color changes or fading within the floor, this is caused by direct light. We recommend using directional mini blinds to direct the sunlight upwards off the flooring and furniture.

Differences in color between boards are common and part of nature. Any flooring that has been installed is deemed acceptable by customer. Tamalpais Hardwood Floors makes no other implied or expressed warranties.


In the case of actual shipping damage to the flooring, or manufacturing defects, please photograph any damage and send to us at info@tamfloors.com as soon as possible so that we may assist you with getting replacement material. No returns will be accepted after 30 days in any case.

Except in the case where damage has occurred during shipment and is properly documented, or when material contains manufacturing defects, we do not accept returns without a 25% processing/re-stocking fee. The customer is responsible for all freight charges. We do not accept any returns of orders under 100 square feet, lines that have been discontinued by the manufacturer, moldings, adhesives, or underlayment. Only full unopened cartons/boxes are acceptable.

Should any material not meet your requirements, Tamalpais Hardwood Floors must be advised PRIOR to installation. Otherwise, we will not be able to accept responsibility. You will need to contact us at 866-987-8686 to obtain an authorization number. Do not email your request; the return authorization number has to be obtained within 30 days from the date of receipt. No returns will be accepted after 30 days. All returns without authorization will be refused. Wait for our email notification of your return authorization and instructions for return shipping. Email/ call us with the tracking number of the return shipment; returns cannot be processed without the return tracking number. Allow 10-15 days from the time the returned items were received in our store for processing of refund.


If for any reason you need to cancel your order with Tamalpais Hardwood Floors you will need to contact us at 866-987-8686 as soon as possible. Orders can be adjusted or changed providing the adjustment is done the same day prior to 3:00 pm Pacific time. After this time, there is no guarantee that an order can be changed or cancelled from shipping out of the warehouse. Orders that are cancelled that have not been shipped are assessed a non-negotiable 15% cancellation fee. Orders can also be cancelled after they have shipped. In this event, the order is subject to a non-negotiable 25% cancellation fee as well as the cost to stop and return the shipment charged by the shipping company.

Consultations & Estimates

We are pleased to offer design consultation to help you
make the best choice for your home or business.

We also provide free on-site estimates within the Bay Area
to assess both site conditions and usage requirements.
This allows us to better recommend the products
that will best meet your individual needs.

To schedule a free estimate, place an order, or to learn
more about our flooring products and services call us at:

415-459-1800 or toll-free 866-987-8686

For a flooring and/or shipping quote, click here: Get a quote

Installation Services

Our installers can provide local
installation services for any of our products
to make your purchase as smooth as possible. Owner Dermot Coogan has 25 years
of experience with hardwood flooring installation and oversees every level of our installs to
insure the best possible outcome for you. Installs are charged per square ft.

Contractor License # 643791 – Bonded and Insured.