E.A. - Livermore, CA | Tamalpais Hardwood Floors

My wife and I choose Tamalpais Floors after shopping around quite a bit. We visited several floor places that had good reviews on Yelp, and in the end we went with Tamalpais because the reviews were great and their quote good — not cheap, mind you, but at the same time neither absurdly expensive like some other places we visited. They did two floors of our three-story home, as well as all of the stairs in the house. The latter required quite a bit of work because, in addition to tearing off the existing carpet, they had to trim all the stair noses in order for the wood to be installed. They also took care of removing all of our baseboards and replacing them on top of the wood, so that we didn’t have to use quarter rounds (which are not aesthetically very appealing). They even offered to repaint the baseboards for us but in the end we decided to go with a professional painter. Everything looks fantastic and we are extremely happy with the job. The Tamalpais workers that installed the floor were very nice and helpful in answering all of my questions. I would recommend Tamalpais to anybody interested in installing hardwood floors in the Bay Area.